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Robin - climbing over
diavana wrote in theeoutmods
From their myspace:

"Umaku Ikanaize" has been used for a theme song of a new manga " Nigashita Koi ha mitsu no aji ?" by New Okubo.
The song & manga can be downloaded on Zenryoku Shoten by Sony Digital Entertainment.
Sorry!! The service is available only in Japan.

Sony Digital Entertainment

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Diavana! I'm in Japan now (Kyoto specifically) and I thought you would be the one to ask: where can I see Thee Out Mods live? Do they do lives often anymore?

Currently, I know they are back in Hong Kong and playing shows there. If they ever do shows in Japan, they'll be posting it on their myspace! They might go to Kyoto sooner than later, so keep an eye out on their show schedule!

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